Zombie - Large Chrome
Item #: 58

Few effects in magic attain the height of super-stardom that this classic routine has. A good presentation of the Zombie is a thing of real beauty.

On your table is a brilliantly shiny metal ball, resting on a matching base. You exhibit a large cloth, show it on both sides, and drape it over your arm. The Zombie Ball is taken up and placed on your outstretched arm, where it somehow remains balanced. Suddenly, the Zombie Ball becomes possessed with a life of its own, moving up and down the cloth. Quickly, it darts out of sight behind the cloth. Then, it tries to soar ever higher as you attempt to restrain it. The Zombie Ball becomes calmer and it appears floating up and over the edge of the cloth. It perches itself on the cloth, again balancing itself as you slowly turn to show all sides of the Zombie ball and cloth. Finally, the Zombie Ball returns to rest on your table as you step forward to receive your ovation. Good one-man floating effects are hard to find. Be sure to add this amazing effect to your repertoire.

Cloth purchased separately.

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